Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What Do You See?!

Nothing like seeing a beautiful photograph of another person to mess with your own self-esteem. I have heard that people are getting plastic surgery to make their "selfies" better looking...that is sad. People like and buy "pretty". I myself am not immune to this. 

 Pictured above are two images. Both are me on different days. In the left one I am wearing a wig, make-up, sunglasses, and a smile. The one on the right is me. Just me, no additions sitting in a restaurant having a quiet lunch. I guarantee that the situation/experiance would be different if I was in the getup on the left. 

My main point in showing this is that people must pay attention to what they are seeing and not let themselves fall prey to the damage of self-esteem from not knowing how these are constructed. It is fun to look at these images, but don't forget what a real human being looks like.  

Stacy Frett
Photographer and Artist


  1. Very true! We need to love ourselves when we first look into the mirror in the morning.