Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hanging In The Toilet...

As you can see by the photos I have been rather busy trying to get "In The Toilet" hung today....I still have a few images still on their way. Am excited about that. All this work seems to be worth it. One gentleman I know made handcrafted toilet plungers for the show.  Not a bad for a shoestring budget. My biggest expense will be returning the images to their respective owners and some paper flyers. Last count for images was around 46. The biggest challenge was working around some images that were not the right format. I creatively solved that one. It looks good so far. I will of course be formally photographing it and the work and will try to set up an online showing. I know many of you cannot physically be here to see the show. I am still ever so grateful for the entries. I think the farthest entry was from Ivy Ho of Singapore. She is one of my friends from the photography group that I belong to as well called fPOE (Female Photographers of Etsy) I think at last count there were between 700 and 800 members worldwide. There were also local submissions from MAGPix members and MAG (Murray Art Guild). I will have to sit down and put together the stats for this show in another blog. Also want to say thank you to a few people for this oppurtunity, Debi Danielson, Executive Director of MAG, The MAG Board, Rick Mjos for the vinyl lettering, everyone who participated and my friends for encouraging this adventure :) Well that is all for now. I am exhausted! Gone sit and chill some at the Murray Art Guild before I leave :)

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