Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dreaming of Possibilities

New Changes in my life over the past several years. I used to plan in six month increments, now I plan in one and two year ones. It seems since moving down to Murray Ketucky that my creative work is really growing. I never thought that the subject matter of nature photography would interest me, but it is currently selling in this community. I have also finished writing a grant at the suggestion of my mentor. It was such a thought provoking process. I really put myself into the project. Am hoping it is accepted as it would fun my upcoming work and really challenge me creatively. 

I have really been all over the place over the past three years emotionally speaking. My mother died and it has really had an impact on my view of life and working towards my dreams. I have found that investing myself in the community here has really paid off. like I said above, I am really into making my work happen here. I work toward things down the road. I have met some great people down here, who have really been positive and lovely. It is those people that keep me from packing up and moving. I have made three times the amount of good work that I made while living in Chicago and suburbs. Not as many distractions and more time to really think. I miss the bustle of city life, but Chicago will always be there waiting me to visit.!

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Have a great day!,
Stacy Frett
Artist, Photography, and Wandering Soul

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