Saturday, September 14, 2013

Proofs Exhibition and Competition in Murray, Kenucky

Proofs Opening is coming up: October 4th, 2013 6pm,Robert O. Miller Conference Center 201 S. 4th St. Murray, Kentucky.

Be there and meet me and other photographeres from the area. Here is my work (pictured below) that was Acccepted into the show.

"Life Reflected" by Stacy Frett Copyright 2013. Do not reproduce without permission. All rights reserved.

This is "Life Reflected". I took it in 2012 as part of my Reflection series and it is also part of my Self-Portrait Series as well. It is a single exposure of me reflected through pains of glass that had wild weeds growing through the glass. It was a found setup as I was working with existing objects. Light source was early morning direct sun. the only manipulation of the photograph was that I tinted it to be sepia.
"Her Hat" Copyright Stacy Michelle Frett 2013. Do not reproduce without permission. All rights reserved.

The above image is called "Her Hat" it is part of my self-portrait seris as well. It has a very somber tone to it. Often I shoot many images in black and white because that is my favorite way to capture the mood. High contrast has always interested me as well. it is the closest way I can get to a woodblock print without actually carving a plate. Growing up I was often amazed by the artist Kathe Kollwitz She was a german printmaker. Some of her work was very controversial and her studio was bombed by the Nazis. I am not a political artist, nor a printmaker, but her style has had a great influence on my work. 

Currently just wrote a grant proposal to try and get my self-portrait series funded. I am not going to say which one, I am still a little superstitious at this point. I will definately know in the upcoming months though.

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