Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Get To Work!

"Make Art, Not Excuses" is a personal mantra that keeps me motivated to stay creative and get things done. I take a lot of photographs on a weekly basis. Since December 2013 I have shot about 10,000+ frames on one camera alone.

 My Canon EOS 70D is my primary camera for creative projects and day to day shooting. Am proud to say that my work has gotten some nice comments from Canon.

This really made me pleased to have them say that! I have been using their cameras since I first shot film on a Canon AE-1 way back when.

 Here is another recent comment from them

When I took these images it was funny in that I wasn't really in the mood to take them. In fact, I was actually fairly sick at the time.

 There are images that you must take or you will never have that chance again. Be it for purposes of Art or family memories, never second guess yourself.
 Get out there and take that photograph! Seriously, get to work. Second chances are rare. Go Make Some Art!

Self-portrait on a lazy day....

Stacy Michelle Frett
Photographer &
Mixed-media artist

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