Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Cycle Continues..."NEXT" She Yelled!

Packed up recent solo show from the guild and now planning for the next solo show thanks to Art Hand at his studio/gallery in Batavia for July. Different work this time. Similar size though. Somewhere in there is the MAGPix Show to. It is nice to show my work again after all these years. So many to be thankful to and for: those that believed in me, those that didn't,  and those who had no idea what the hell my work was about. All of this reminded me to get back into what is my true calling and to use my gifts. I actually received a grant for the first one that I wrote in the arts. If that isn't passion, then I don't know what is and I am ever so soo happy and tired at the moment. If you missed the show: "Portrait Of A Woman" , then you can see it on http://www.stacyfrett.com

All photos shown were purchased as a result of this show. I also want thank them and all the people, who have collected my work over the years. It makes me very pleased to know that it is appreciated :)

Stacy Michelle Frett